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Terms and Conditions

Dear tour participant please read carefully terms and conditions given below before you book your tour. We are here for your complete satisfaction to provide safe journey without any misunderstanding between you and company. You are requested to read, understand properly and accept all terms and conditions before you book your tour.

1) Kaustubh Travels does Rail/Air ticketing within (72hrs) excluding Sunday of booking tour with Kaustubh Travels. In case fluctuations in bus/rail/air fare same shall be borne by tour participant as additional cost.

2) Tour published does not include rail/air fare.

3) Kaustubh travels the company reserves right to alter, amend, postpone or cancel tours without assigning any reason. In such a case money paid by tour participants will be fully refunded and no compensation claim will be entertained.

4) If a tour participant requests in writing for cancelation money would be refunded as below.

Cancelation made prior to departure of tour
Refundable amount

90 days or more


60 days or more


59 days to 45 days


44 days to30 days


29 days to 20 days


19days to 11 days


10 days or less


5) If tour participant requests to transfer/pre pone/postpone in writing transfer charges will be as given below.

Transfer/pre pone/postpone request made Prior to departure of tour
Transfer charges

90 days or more

500/- per person

60 days or more

1000/- per person +rail/air cancellation

59 days to 45 days

2000/- per person +rail/air cancellation

44 days to30 days

3000/- per person +rail/air cancellation

29 days to 15 days

4000/- per person +rail/air cancellation

14days to 5 days

50% of tour cost per person +rail/air cancellation

6) In case of natural calamities or unavoidable Circumstances Company may modify route or cancel the tour, there would be no refund claims entertained. Company shall not be responsible and liable for any damage or loss caused to tour participants due to reason beyond control of company.

7) Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited during bus, shared vehicle journey and in dinning hall.

8) The baggage and personal belongings of tour participant are his/her responsibility. The company is not liable for loss or damage of the same.

9) If a tour participant misbehaves causing inconvenience or annoyance to any other tour participants or causes damage to hotel/company/transporter property, he she will be asked to leave tour immediately. There will be no compensation in such cases.

10) In computerized reservation system of Indian railways the berths seats once reserved can not be altered, tour participants will have to travel on same berth/seat as mentioned in tickets issued by Indian railways.

11) The company does not have any control over railways/airlines/coach companies/shipping companies and any other facilities provided by third parties/service providers. The company is not responsible for delays, deficiencies in service provided by outside agencies. The company does not have any control over opening or closing of tourist attractions.

12) If a tour participant wishes to upgrade travel Class Company assures to do its best to arrange for the same. But if company cannot fulfill the request tour participant will have to travel as per ticket arranged according to initial request. Non availability of higher class can not be reason to cancel tour.

13) Day to day programmes consisting of names of hotels telephone numbers and list of all necessary things to be carried by tour participant can be collected from company office after complete payment of tour cost.

14) If tour participant is travelling before schedule of company he/she shall bear expenses towards food-accommodation transport. If tour participant is travelling by rail/air on tickets, schedule not arranged by company, it will be responsibility of tour participant to join group at right place and right time. In any circumstances company shall not be responsible for tour participant before joining the group.

15) If there less than 30 participants in a group the road travel will be done by Sumo or any other available vehicle, in such case seat numbers may change.

16) There will be separate rules for schemes announced by the company from time to time. There will be supplement in main terms and conditions and will be intimated to tour participants at the time of booking under those schemes.

17) The company may arrange shooting (still/video) during tours. Tour participants shall have no objection to the shot material being used publically by the company.

18) For security reasons government of India has revised the rules for NRIs to visit India. All tourists staying abroad are NRI or foreigners and should ensure all the conditions of current regulations laid down by government of India. If government changes rule suddenly it could not be reason to cancel tour and company shall not be liable to give refund of tour cost.

19) Any dispute arising in respect of tour shall be subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

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